About All-Encompassing Trip

“The world’s big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

—John Muir

I’m Guillermo Esteves, a web developer and photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All‑Encompassing Trip is where I publish most of my photography work, which consists primarily of black & white wildlife and landscape photography in and around Grand Teton National Park and other national parks, and street photography in various cities across the United States.


You can subscribe to the feed or follow me on Instagram and Flickr; most of the photos I publish here are cross-posted there.


All-Encompassing Trip is powered by Denali, a custom Rails-based photoblogging app. It’s hosted on Heroku and served by CloudFront, except for the photos, which are processed and served by imgix. The text is set in Brandon Grotesque and Chaparral, provided by Adobe Fonts. The logo was designed by Anchor Supply.