A red fox staring towards the camera. In front of him, a dead mouse it had just hunted and killed. It's standing between a snow bank and the side of a house during a snowstorm. Its left ear is partially torn.

Red fox with a fresh kill, Grand Teton National Park. December, 2022.

As I was wrapping up my workday and getting ready to step away from my desk, I looked out my window and saw this beautiful red fox just outside my house, walking on the road in the middle of a snowstorm. I don’t see foxes often, and I’ve only had the chance to photograph them a couple of times, so I quickly grabbed my camera and ran out into the snowstorm, forgetting to even grab a hat or gloves.

After following the fox carefully to the vacant house across the road, I saw it stalk around for a bit, until it pounced on the snow, emerging victorious with a mouse between its teeth. I managed to make this photo with its prize, right before it gobbled it up and trotted away.