A moose and a dog inside an SUV parked alongside Antelope Flats Road stare at each other.
A moose staring at a dog with an incredulous look on its face inside an SUV parked alongside Antelope Flats Road.

Close encounter at Antelope Flats, Grand Teton National Park. December, 2018.

Moose: “Hello, small wolf.”
Dog: “Are you seeing this?”

Joking aside, please don’t get this close to moose and other wildlife, or let them get this close to you or your car. Remember these are large, unpredictable, wild animals, and getting too close can result in serious injuries or death, including their own. For their safety and yours, stick to the minimum distances according to park regulations: 100 yards for bears and wolves, 25 yards for other wildlife. Make sure you keep that distance even if they approach you, and if you’re in your car, make sure you’re far enough that you can move it if they start approaching.